About Us

Innovation that centers on you.

Since its founding in 1896, Philips has been committed to creating meaningful products that are designed to put the consumers’ needs first.

Over the years, Philips has transformed into a focused market leader with a growing portfolio of health, home, and lifestyle solutions that continue to improve the lives of customers worldwide.

Inspired by this people-focused approach, Philips Personal Care combines superior technology and cutting-edge design to create the next generation of Beauty, Male Grooming, and Oral Healthcare tools.

  • Beauty
    Philips’ range of hair care, hair removal, and skin care products built to empower women to become more confident and beautiful in their own way.
  • Male Grooming
    Technologically advanced hair styling, shaving, and cutting tools designed to redefine and refine the modern man.
  • Oral Healthcare
    Revolutionary teeth and gum care solutions created in collaboration with renowned dental care experts.

Caring, Impactful, and Innovative – Philips Personal Care let’s you discover the best version of you.

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