Philips Essential Bikini Trimmer


More, less or no hair…down there
Gentle, easy styling for your bikini area

Trim, shave or style your delicate areas with the gentle care. Our bikini trimmer is designed to be safe and effective, so you can avoid irritation and ingrown hairs.

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Small trimming head for precise results

Style or shape your bikini area. Use the small trimming head to get the look you want and trim down to 0.5 mm.

Rounded tips effectively cut hair while protecting the skin

Rounded trimming tips work their magic so you can safely and effectively trim your bikini line. No nicks or cuts.

Click-on combs allow for trims of different lengths

Try different lengths and styles. Choose between 0.5, 3 or 5mm for an even, neatly-groomed bikini area.

Mini shaving head included for a clean look after trimming

After trimming, click on the precision shaving head for an even smoother look.

Ergonomic grip for secure, comfortable styling

The ergonomic handle provides a secure, comfortable grip, giving you full control over your styling routine.

Portable design, battery-operated

This bikini trimmer is easy to pack and always ready for use. Since it’s battery-operated, you can easily trim any area without getting cords in your way.

Washable trimming head for optimal hygiene

Washable head for extra hygiene and easy cleaning.


Pouch included to store everything in one place.

Cleaning brush included to keep the trimmer hygienic

Quickly clean the trimmer and keep it hygienic with the cleaning brush included.

Product Dimension
Weight 0.52 kg
Dimensions 4.1 × 9.1 × 19 cm
Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Features Mini shaving head: Yes
Rounded trimming tips: Yes
Storage pouch: Yes
Accessories Click-on trimming comb: 3 mm,5 mm
Ease of use Wet and dry use: Yes
Portable: Yes
Ergonomic grip: Yes
Washable trimming head: Yes
Cleaning brush: Yes
Service 2-year worldwide guarantee: Yes
Part Available for Order 422203630631 – PRECISION TRIMMER COMB 3MM VIOLET
422203630641 – TRIMMER COMB 5 MM VIOLET